WhatsApp GB Apk Download (Anti-Ban + Official) Latest Version 2024

Get your WhatsApp upgraded to the latest version where all features are available to use and this version is WhatsApp GB Apk. Have complete access to the elements that you can use to download statuses, hide your profile picture as well as last seen. Show your status to limited and selected contacts and watch their statuses without letting them know about it. At the same, create different groups and add your friends to these groups to have fun with them. Start a video call in your group and add more people to your call. Get clear audio and video in your call easily.


Additional Info

NameWhatsApp GB
VersionLatest Version
Android RequirementsAndroid 5.1 or Above
RootNo Root
Download 10 Billion +
Size62 MB
Update1 Day Ago

A Short Introduction To WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the best social application available where people can connect with their contact numbers and start chatting. A lot of chatting features are available and you can use these features to send and receive messages from your family and friends. Share your photos and videos but there is a limit of size for sending videos. On the other hand, share your location, other contacts, and many more. This was considered the most helpful social application and more than 100 Billion people have downloaded it. A lot of features are missing and users are interested in using these features.

Introduction To WhatsApp GB Apk

Several features are missing in the standard version of WhatsApp and developers have designed the GB WhatsApp on high demand. In this way, you can easily download all statuses from your contacts and also repost them as your status. Explore more than 70 interesting themes and all these themes are eye-catching. Remove your blue ticks and also you can hide your last seen. Remove your online status and you can reply using the notification bar. Send unlimited replies to your messages in the notification bar instead of opening the entire application. The best part of this application is that you can send as sized a video as you can because there is no limit to sending photos. Send unlimited photos and you can also send unlimited contacts as well.


Features of GB WhatsApp

A huge list of features is available in WhatsApp GB and you can get these features below and these are discussed in detail.

Auto Reply

The auto-reply is the best option available in WhatsApp GB Pro. Save your texts for this kind of reply and it will send the message to all users who send you a message. Easily reply to them all after getting free and you can start a conversation with them. This feature is very helpful in your busy time and it will automatically send a message. Other people will wait for your reply after getting this kind of reply. Change your auto-reply message whenever you want. Many people who are running a business are using this feature.

Notification Bar

Start sending messages to all your friends by using the notification bar. Get all messages to your notification bar and you can easily send replies. At the same time, reply to multiple people using this notification bar and it can help you to use it without opening the entire application. Never open this app for sending replies because you can send replies as well as send media files using the notification bar.

Limitize DP

Show your profile picture to your limited contacts. Go to the privacy setting and you can select all contacts to whom you want to show your profile picture. This can help you to easily protect your DP from all irrelevant contacts and this feature is only available in GB WhatsApp. Developers have added this feature on high demand of the users and many users have limited their profile picture. On the other hand, you also repeat the same option for your info as well as your bio.

Blue Ticks Removal

Remove your blue ticks and this feature can help you read all messages but the sender will never know about it. At the same time, WhatsApp GB Download can help you to read all messages without knowing your friends about it. Reply to them easily whenever you get free. The advantage of this feature is that you can see the statuses of all your friends and they will never get you in their watched list. Go to the status portion and watch the statuses of all your contacts and no one will get a notification about it.

Download Status

Many people share very interesting videos as well as clips on their status walls. Some people want to save these statuses but they can’t do this. Get the option for downloading statuses in WhatsApp GB Download. Use the download button available below each status and this can help you to save them in your photo library. Repost them on your status and show the interesting videos to your contacts. This feature can help you to download directly instead of asking your friend to send videos.

Share Media Files

The standard version contains a limit of 25 MB for sending videos No one can send videos more than this size but GB WhatsApp Download has made it easier to send the big-sized videos easily. It can help you to send complete songs and other videos easily and it will never disturb their pixels. Send other documents of big size easily and you can send unlimited files in a single time. Share all photos with high media quality and it will never reduce its size. Your other contact will get the same quality photo.

Protect Your Chats

The best option available in this version is that you can easily lock different chats. Access these chats by putting in a password and no one can access your private chats without the password. Some chats are very confidential and you can use these options to protect your business chats. Protect more than one chat with the password and you can also protect your entire GB WhatsApp Apk Download using a password.

Change Theme

More than 50 themes are available to use with different colors. Each theme is very interesting and eye-catching. It can help you to change the interface and make it special. One theme is available in the standard version and many users want something new. Developers have also provided the best option where you can easily change and you can also select another theme easily. Get this option in the settings of your application and explore all themes. Preview these themes before applying them.

Night Mode

Enable the night mode to protect your eyes from light if you are using it at night. The trend of using WhatsApp at night is increasing and you can easily enable this option to protect your eyes. Disable this option whenever you want and again enable it at night.

Save Unsend Messages

WhatsApp GB Plus has the best option to save all deleted messages. Sometimes, your friends send you a message and delete it later. Save these messages on your device and it can help you to get them whenever you want. At the same time, get all deleted messages if you have not read them. It will automatically save all these messages and you can get them all easily. This option is available for media files as well.

Share Your Live Location

Share your current location with your friends and family. WhatsApp GB 2022 has a new feature where you can share live locations as well. Share this location for a day and your friend can monitor your locations.

React To Messages

React to different messages by sharing emojis to a single message. WhatsApp GB Original can help you to react to the messages of your friends and you can send emojis to react to them. The screen of your mobile will be full of emojis and your friends can also watch these emojis as well.

Live Stickers

Several stickers are also available and you can send these stickers instead of sending emojis. A list of stickers is available to use and select stickers to send to your friends and family. You can also use these stickers in the group chat as well.

Free To Download

Download WhatsApp GB on your device for free and you can start sending messages. Install it on your device without deleting the previous version. At the same time, get it from third-party sources because it is not available to download on Google Play Store. Billions of people have downloaded it and they are using all additional features for free.

Find Nearby Contact

Get all nearby contacts on the top of your interface and you can start chatting with them. At the same, it can help you to find all friends who are closer to you and you can meet them as well. This is the best feature of this application and many users are finding their friends in this way.

Interesting Fonts

A list of interesting and eye-catching fonts are available and you can use different fonts instead of using a single one. Send these fonts to your friends and surprise them all. They will never get this feature in the standard version and you can easily send them these kinds of fonts.

Mark All Unread Messages

Make all your undread messages read instead of opening all chats. This can help you to save time and you can easily mark all messages with a single touch. Let your contacts know that you have read all their messages. In this way, use this simple as well as easiest way to mark all chats

Change Language

Several languages are available to use and you can easily change the language of your keyboard as well as your WhatsApp GB Pro V14. Get your preferred language and use the application in your desired language to understand all options easily.

Hide Pop Notifications

Hide all your notifications and you will never get them on your screen. Get the notification of your messages on your notification bar and you will never get the contact details. Open your application to get all the details about your contacts.

Key Features of WhatsApp GB

  • Very simple and easy-to-use application.
  • DND mode is available to enable.
  • Lock your private chats.
  • More than 4000 themes are available to use and you can enable them whenever you want.
  • Use multiple accounts on your mobile.
  • Hide your status and also share it with limited contacts.
  • Freeze your last seen and online status.
  • Lock the entire application.
  • Easily block irrelevant contacts.
  • Block all annoying calls without blocking their messages.
  • Send unlimited photos to other contacts in high resolution.
  • Disable the downloading of media files in your gallery.
  • Download all statuses and profile pictures.
  • Send a message to all your contacts using broadcast lists.
  • Add multiple contacts to your audio and video calls.
  • Use the anti-ban application without any risk of getting banned.
  • You can now send a message to a contact without saving it.
  • Create backups of your chats.
  • Increase or decrease the speed of voice notes.
  • It is available to use in all over the world.
  • Pin more than three chats easily.

Comparison b/w WhatsApp And WhatsApp GB Apk

FeaturesWhatsAppGB WhatsApp
Disable blue ticks
Hide Status
Share Big Media Files
Remove Last Seen
Freeze Online Status
Download Statuses
Add Stickers
Add Fonts
Mark as Unread
Remove Forwarded Sign
Disable Calling
See Deleted Messages
Chat Security
Increased Image Quality
Live Location
Auto Reply

Steps For Downloading

  • Make sure to enable the feature of Unknown Sources from the settings of your device.
  • Come back to this site and click on the download button above.
  • It will take you to the next page and you have to click on the download button again.
  • Wait for it to download.
  • Go to the download folder of your device and start installing it.
  • Put in your number and paste a one-time password.
  • Congrats, now you are in and can start chatting.


Final Verdicts

WhatsApp GB Apk is the best alternative to start chatting with all your loved ones. At the same time, the demand for this version is increasing every day and users are using it instead of the basic version. Get your application now and click on the download button above to use all features as well as options. Send unlimited stickers and emojis to your friends and also change the theme of your interface. Make video and audio calls to your friends and also send your messages from the broadcast list to groups. Download all statuses and repost them. Read all messages without letting others know about them.


What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is the upgraded version of WhatsApp where you can easily use all additional features easily.

How to update GB WhatsApp?

The download button available above can help you to get the updated version. Unfortunately, you cannot update it automatically.

How to download GB WhatsApp?

Go above and click on the download button to download it.

How to install GB WhatsApp?

Go to the download folder of your device and long press and you will get the option of installing,

How to unhide chat in GB WhatsApp?

Press and hold on to your chat. You will get the option to hide it.

GB WhatsApp डाउनलोड कैसे करें?

We are offering the latest version.

whatsapp gb o que é?

It is completely safe to use and you use it on your mobile.

O que é WhatsApp gb?

It is the upgraded version where you can download status and can change themes.

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