How To Export WhatsApp Chats Using Email

Sometimes, people want to share their chats and it is not easy and reliable to take screenshots. Developers of WhatsApp have made it easier for all users to export all chats. If you are one of them and want to share your chats via email, this blog will be helpful for you.

Export Chats

Get the option of exporting chats in the contact info section of your contact. Click on the contact info and scroll down. An option for Export Chat is available in WhatsApp GB. Simply, click on that link and you will get a file that will be saved in your internal storage of your device. At the same time, this option is also available for group chats. You will get this option there as well.

Share Your Chats

Once you get your chats in the internal storage of your device, it is very easy to share all these files. Share these chats via email or you can use all other sources available. This is a more prominent way instead of taking screenshots.

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