How To Improve The Security of WhatsApp GB

Using WhatsApp has become a habit of everyone and all users want to have a secure chat with their friends and beloved ones. As it is elementary to use but it has many security problems and if you want that no access to your WhatsApp, this blog is for you.

The trend of using WhatsApp is increasing and almost everyone who has a smartphone is using this application. In this way, there are a lot of ways, as well as options, available that can help you to protect your chat and you can easily your visibility easily. Try to improve your security by using the options available in the privacy section of your setting.

Go to the setting and open the folder of Privacy and you will get different options there. All these options are available and described below.

  • Last Seen: This section offers to disable your last seen and no one will know about your last seen. If you get online and your contacts will be enabled to see your visibility. Otherwise, no one can access you.
  • Online Status: Use this option to make your privacy more robust and you can easily disable your last seen. You can easily disable this status for everyone, for your contacts, and for your contact except. Using this option can be very helpful for you and you can easily hide your visibility. In this way, many users have disabled their last seen and online status.
  • Read Receipt: Disabling read receipt can be more beneficial for you and you can easily turn it off whenever you want. At the same time, this can help you to see all statuses of your contacts but they will have no idea about it. They can never see your visibility in their seen list.

Report All Spam Messages

Reporting all spam messages is very easy and simple. You can easily report the contacts who are harassing you or you can report them all. For example, if you are receiving a lot of commercial messages on your WhatsApp GB. Tap on the three dots available on the right section of your screen and you can easily report all these contacts. Get the option of blocking them and you can easily block them all and their chat will be deleted permanently.

On the other hand, if you report them, their messages will be removed automatically from your chat window. It will lower the history of chats on your device.

Avoid Photos To Save in Gallery

A lot of people are added to different groups and they share different media files. Many users don’t want to download photos in their gallery and you can now easily disable this option. This option is available in the section of chats where you can disable the Media Visibility option. In this way, you can easily turn it off and no photos or videos will be downloaded in your internal storage.

This is all about the security of WhatsApp, but if you have more queries you can comment below.

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